A true holistic health story

  • A true holistic health story

    Posted by Philippe-Abraham Barone on October 19, 2022 at 9:27 am

    Hello to the world of regenerative people!

    This message is an open invitation to talk about holistic health and natural medicine.

    This past couple of years have been extraordinarily challenging on a global scale for most people caring about their health.

    For some of us, on the contrary, it’s been an easy time to navigate through the fog of information to see clearly the big picture and continue to care for and protect the most important and precious asset we all have: our health.

    I’m a part of those lucky ones, not because of money, power, or fame, but because I got the immense privilege to grow up with parents that have been dedicating their entire life to holistic health and natural medicine.

    Conscious of this amazing gift, I work every day by their side, learning and helping people to improve their health.

    After 10 years of studying and practicing natural medicine in many places on earth, I’m still surprised to see how effective natural medicine can be and how nature has created such a beauty: the human body.

    Today I’m 29 years old, and although it’s quite young, I feel already grateful for a life full of experience, knowledge, and commitment to helping people improve their health with natural medicine.

    But I believe life is not about looking behind and cherishing memories, it’s about honoring, every day, what we determine based on our values: our mission.

    My mission is to help more people become independent about their health, to take back ownership over the only asset that you inherit for life and that you can’t change for a new one: your body.

    If you like that idea, then help me achieve my mission by starting to talk about health and I will tell you more about what is holistic health and natural medicine and what can it do.

    To your health!

    Philippe-Abraham from

    Holistic Natural Health Expert

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