Frequently Asked Questions

Directory Listings

Can anyone make a listing in the Directory?

Yes anyone in Costa Rica can make a listing in the Directory. The only limitations are that the product or service offered must be sustainable or regenerative and lawful.

What if I have a sustainable or regenerative product or service I would like to promote but I’m not located in Costa Rica?

For the first phases of growing the platform the Directory listings are just for Costa Rica, though we will soon be extending these tools to support other regions as well. However, people from any location worldwide are encouraged to participate in the group and forum discussions.

How do I add a new listing?

Go to the the Add Listing page and pick a category, fill out the form, OR go to the Directory category you would like to list in, and scroll to the bottom to the butterfly button to add new listings. From there follow the simple instructions for promoting your services or products.

How can people search and find my products?

After you add products in the description, make sure you also add each product in TAGS/Keywords, this is how the system will search your individual products.

How can I update my existing listing?

Go to your My Directory Listings page or visit your  Dashboard where you can see all your listings and easily edit.

How can I connect my listing to a related group topic?

Once your listing has a Review, we will add it to the relative group topic (this is for services and organizations. Sorry, not for businesses that sell food or products)

Once I’ve created my listing, do I need to do anything else?

No, it’s a simple process with no further action needed. We have set listings to expire after one year to ensure the content stays current, so if you receive a notification that your listing is about to expire, just log on to make any changes and confirm the information is still accurate, and the listing will be valid for another year.

How can I claim my listing, and what are the benefits of doing so?

To get the directory started, we created a listing page for everyone we had information for. If you see a listing that is yours, scroll to the bottom and claim the listing (free). Once claimed you can edit and add any additional information like updated products or services or pictures to make your listing stand out. We recommend you update the cover photo with a unique photo to replace the default one that represents your business and add any other useful information. You will need to have an account to claim your listing, if you don’t have one already you can make one at [Register].

How do I make my listing bilingual?

By default your listing will be in the language in which you created it, and displayed in that language to both English and Spanish visitors. (We configured it this way to avoid the many mistakes that automatic translations systems add).

If you want your listing to be shown in dual language, English to English visitors and Spanish to Spanish visitors, send us a message at support@regeneravida.com and we can change your settings from duplicate to dual language.

We would then send you a message noting the change and including a link to your second language listing page where you can now make changes on either language. Using the system this way also means that when you later make changes to your listing in one language you will also need to make changes to the other language listing since they’re no longer copied automatically.

Why isn’t there a directory category for every type of local business?

Not every business product or service meets the site’s guidelines for contributing to a more sustainable and regenerative future.

The purpose of the Regenerative Directory is to help site users connect specifically with sustainable and regenerative services in the area, so though unrelated topics can be discussed in various regional discussion groups throughout the site, they cannot host a listing in the Regenerative Directory section of the site.

For example a law firm could promote the planning services they offer to ecosocial projects, but not for example helping the public with unrelated topics like preparing taxes or wills. Another example could be a building and development company that can promote their ecologically-considerate landscaping services but not home construction services if those services use unsustainable materials or practices.

We would then send you a message noting the change and including a link to your second language listing page where you can now make changes on either language. Using the system this way also means that when you later make changes to your listing in one language you will also need to make changes to the other language listing since they’re no longer copied automatically.

What qualifies a restaurant for inclusion?

20% or more of the menu is either whole food plant based and/or organic.

Is there a cost to list my offering?

No, listing on the Directory and using the platform is completely free, no catch, no fine print.

How can you offer this for free, with no ads and without selling our data?

The financial contributions of the founders and community members who believe in the importance of these tools makes it possible to pursue our eco-social mission without being compromised by a profit motive.

Community Connections & Discussion Groups

Do you censor content or use algorithms or data collection to filter what users see?

No. We believe censorship and attention-directing algorithms do not contribute to a more sustainable and regenerative world, so you will see exactly what others have posted.

Do you moderate the groups and forum discussions?

Yes, however we aim to have as few restrictions as possible, so sustainability-focused, legal, and demonstrating mutual respect for others are the only strictly enforced guidelines. Please help bring our attention to content you consider problematic for us to review and issue warnings as needed.

How does the platform share, sell, or otherwise use user data?

We don’t. For more details you can review our privacy policy.

How to invite people to the platform?

You can send them to the sign up page or find the 'Email Invites' tab in your profile area.

What is the difference between the ‘Feed’ and 'Discussions' tabs in the topic groups?

The Feed displays a summary of the group activity, as well as any connected members activity. The Discussions area is for going deeper into topics and is better formatted for longer discussions. Make sure to check out each sections Document tab as well to see if any of the free resources are useful for you.

How can I send people to a specific group or discussion?

Every group and or discussion as a unique url.

How can I create a new group for the community or a private group for my organization, business or project?

While we’re getting the platform fully set up and configured we’re doing that manually, so visit the link to request a new group.

Can I block a member?

Yes, you can block members from seeing your information. However, we suggest that whenever possible users engage with and accept others with different ways of seeing things.

I want to participate in a group discussion topic that someone started in another language, how can I translate it?

We are looking into ways to add a 'translate this' button, but for now consider using the Microsoft Edge browser which has an automatically translate this site feature built into the address bar. Or for desktop users, consider installing the DeepL browser addon which allows for easy double-clicking on foreign language content and pulls up a translation.

Events Calendar

How can I add a new event to the Calendar?

You can submit your event here, or by scrolling to the bottom of the events calendar.

How can I edit or delete my event?

You can edit or delete your event on the Edit My Events page or in your personal Dashboard.

I see my past or upcoming event on the calendar, can I claim and update it?

Yes. Send us an email to claim your event listing allow for making edits for upcoming events, or referring to the past event as a template to make it easier to promote future events.

You will need to have an account to claim your event listing, if you don’t have one already you can make one [Register]


Where is my account verification email? I’m having trouble logging in.

Sometimes the account verification email goes to a spam or junk folder, check there first and if you don’t see it send us a message at support@regeneravida.com and we’ll approve you manually.

How can I share feedback, suggestions, and edits?

Thank you we greatly appreciate the help! Please share on this Feedback form.

How do you decide what is sustainable or regenerative?

It is a complicated subject, defined in many different ways by various cultures and worldviews, and evolves over time. In general we rely on the decades spent by the platform’s founders and advisers observing, reflecting, learning and teaching on individual, community and societal sustainability, and sensing how we believe a more sustainable and regenerative society and economy could result from our choices and priorities.

If you feel we missed something or could see any topic more broadly, we consider and appreciate all feedback. We intend for the platform to grow and adapt over time with the perspectives and contributions of the people joining us in evolving it together.

We will soon share more comprehensive explorations of this topic, including definitions, various cultural frames for understanding sustainability, explaining why regenerative is a better goal than sustainable, methods of discerning true sustainability from green washing, and other related topics.

How is the upload of copyrighted material handled on the site?

All resources on site are understood to be acceptably shared for fair use non-profit educational purposes. If you are the copyright holder of any resource on the site and would like your document removed please let us know at support@regeneravida.com and we’ll take care of it immediately.

The site is displaying oddly, what should I do?

Clearing a site’s browser can fix the majority of internet issues. If that doesn’t work, you could try on another browser and see if the problem persists, and if it still doesn’t work correctly send us a message at support@regeneravida.com with a description of the issue.

Why is this platform for free?

Our mission is to empower regenerative lifestyles and support more sustainable communities, and we believe we can best do that by making these tools and connections available at no cost.

How can users help RegeneraVida achieve our eco-social mission?

The two things that will help us the most to grow and impact more people is to invite more people onto the platform, and to contribute to the maintenance and growth costs. Please consider making whatever monthly or one-time contribution feels appropriate to you at


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