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Community Network Costa Rica

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We are here to help members discover community

Living opportunities in locations that are more conducive to human well-being, our mission is to be the conduit for attracting conscious visionaries, leaders, and families looking to build a thriving, human future in Costa Rica!

We believe that true wealth is found in the well-being of the web of life.

Many of us are being called to come together in community like never before to reimagine and co-create the future from our wisest and most compassionate selves. As we heal together and discover the sacredness of all Life,
we can begin to re-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

We are supporting the building of an international network of inspiring, live-work-play communities in beautiful locations around Costa Rica for the conscious lifestyle and wellness tribe.

We support families and individuals who are ready to relocate to Costa Rica and find their community or village to live in and thrive!


Our Services

We are a small team of professionals that are passionate about serving humanity
to live a life that is in harmony with self, other and nature.

If you are serious about relocating to Costa Rica our concierge service is here to support you!

To learn more about intentional communities in Costa Rica book your consulting call today!



Sobre Nosotros

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Together we create and build a new path, a different journey,
one that enables greater wellness through a symbiotic coexistence,
lived in harmony with our world as it supports life unconditionally.

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Hola, my name is Tish and this is my story

I believe in nurturing the interconnectedness of ALL life; it’s our true nature to care about each other and for the well being of Mother Earth. Those with the courage to step outside a world that fosters separation and fear are the change makers-–together we can dream up a new life, a new way of co-existing.

I believe that truth is our nature, that when we return to present moment awareness we see the beauty around and inside of us, we feel the joy in our hearts, and we return to our true nature of BEing one with Nature.


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