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RISE is a family focused community that integrates residences, a Waldorf inspired school, Certified Organic farm, fiber-connected co-working space, and wellbeing retreat into one dynamic ecosystem.  Set on 800 acres of natural wonderland, RISE attracts families seeking a stable, self-directed life defined by creativity, joy, ease, and prosperity.

Intended to capture the magic of an inspired working environment with visual connection to nature, the co-working space allows freelancers, virtual professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives to manage their businesses from within the community. Fiberoptic internet connection, conference rooms, social space, private and shared offices and support services provide residents with a multitude of options for support in their business life.

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We are no different than most families in our desire to create a stable life for ourselves filled with laughter, joy, adventure, prosperity, and love. While we were living comfortably in the United States, it was costly, and at times felt disconnected from the life we really wanted. We sought to live in a place that could provide all the life elements we most desired not just some. We could not find an existing community so we decided to create one: A place not only attractive to us but also to our friends so that they would join us. And that is just what happened. We have lived here for over two years and have been joined by many of the families we knew in CA. The future we imagined was possible is now a living reality, and we couldn’t be happier.



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