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Huaravito Reserve / Sacred Natural Site

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This is the home of truly authentic biotourism where guests connect not just with Mother Nature in all its glory, but also with incredible hosts who have been nurtured as custodians of our sacred natural site, our Common Home.

We deliver actions on the sustainability spheres: Social Inclusion, Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage.

Sacred natural sites represent the overlap of cultural and biological diversity collaborative work, to understand and protect these sacred sites will strengthen the movement to save the planet’s priceless biological and cultural mosaic.

Our projects:

  • Biotourism
  • Citizen Science
  • Ecosystems Regeneration
  • Watershed Protection
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Conservation of Biological Diversity
  • Water Sowing and Harvesting
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Protection of Sacred Natural Site
  • Phenology Walk
  • Makerspace Lab
  • Ecomuseum

All of our acomodations – Yatagua CampingYaragua Lodge and the brand new Huetar House – are offered on an exclusive use, self-catering basis (you can request our private chef service), enabling you and groups of friends and family to experience the Costarican jungle at your leisure, setting your own timetable and creating a lifetime’s worth of unforgettable memories.

Values and principles to foster a sustainable future

The Earth Charter is an international declaration of fundamental values and principles considered useful by its supporters for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century.

Huaravito, Guaravito or Garabito was a Costa Rican indigenous king who existed in the 16th century, monarch of the Huetar Kingdom of the West.

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To protect natural ecosystems and use natural resources in a sustainable way, where conservation and sustainable use can mutually benefit.

We seek to promote the value of forests and other biological resources related to biodiversity, watershed protection, carbon fixation, use of genetic material, maintenance of scenic beauty, production of water and energy.

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We are looking for Bio Construction people with some experience.



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Route 742 – 202215 St. (Quebrada Honda Street, AKA Rodolfo Ramírez) Quebradillas, Piedades Sur, San Ramón 20205 Alajuela, Costa Rica
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