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In Ecomaderas del Sur we feel passionate about what we do and are meticulous in building processes in which the raw material is wood. The variety of uses of this precious resource contributes to the quality of life of our customers, enabling them to experience a life in contact with nature.

Located in the beautiful Valle del General, between the city of San Isidro and the Costanera Sur highway, Ecomaderas del Sur South is a vertically integrated company whose main objective is to offer alternative solutions for construction and supply with high-quality materials, certified and guaranteed for more than fifteen years.

We are an enthusiastic professional team of experts’ carpenters, protectors of the environment, and specialized builders and skilled designers. We built homes according to the American standards of comfort and quality in addition to Costa Ricans safety standards, with scientifically treated wood, to stand the test of time.



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We strongly believe in preserving the most valuable natural treasure in Costa Rica: our forests. For many years, Costa Rica is making efforts to conserve their forests and, following this example, Ecomaderas uses wood grown in farms obtained from sustainable supplies. We never bought or tried to pressure nor handle wood coming from questionable sources.

By using only pressure-treated wood, we help conserve the environment. Pressure treatment prevents deterioration caused by termites, fungi, mold, ultraviolet light and salt water, increasing the longevity of wood. By lengthening the life of the wood, with the passage of time they will be cut fewer trees and more forests are preserved.


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El Hoyón, frente a laguna de oxidación carretera a Dominical, San Isidro de General, Costa Rica.
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