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Yoga Off The Mat with Amber Hagberg

 Hiiiiyaa! I’m Amber | Yoga Teacher, Life and Biz Coach

Mentoring Women who are committed to Stand Out and

Thrive in their businesses & lives.

Are you ready to have even more of an impact?

Have you been wondering what if I?

Taking leaps of faith into the unknown can be scary.

It’s uncertain but if we take risks — our potential is revealed. What if we allowed ourselves? To trust.

What would happen?

Would ones life change forever? This was my experience. A radical shift in perspective, lifestyle — and most importantly — how I created the life of my dreams. I went from a place where I possessed:

  • No passion

  • No purpose

  • No confidence

Always thinking it wasn’t possible for me. I had developed a method to exist but nothing more. I knew I needed more. I had a mantra at the time, “I just want to be happy.” I transformed those simple words into questions. Those questions into a plan. That plan into consistent action — and then, my wildest dreams became my reality.

What were the right questions?

I asked myself these questions:

  • Am I allowing fear of failure to destroy my happiness?

  • Am I willing to do whatever it takes to believe in me?

  • Can I set actionable goals to become my best self?

  • Can I create a future abundant in love, fulfillment and purpose?

What happened?

The light shone through.

I discovered a profound transformation — this started and continues to grow through yoga. My purpose was clear:

  1. Deepen my practice

  2. Help other women discover freedom

  3. Live adventurously

I have been helping women:

  • Stand Out and Thrive, in their businesses and lives

  • Consciously create a life of abundant, success, and ease

  • Define their purpose and act upon it

Transforming your life through empowerment mentoring is no small step but that is exactly how it begins. Are you ready to start asking yourself the right questions?

“The most sacred, intimate, and long lasting relationship we will ever have — in this lifetime — is the one with ourselves.”

What do I offer as an empowerment mentor?


Liberation. Freedom — you’re supposed to be flourishing. Each of us possess the power to transform our energy into anything we desire. We have the ability to positively impacts our lives and the lives around us.

How does this happen?

Everyone has their own style. Let’s start with the benefits I can offer you:

Sobre Mí

Biografía / Cualificaciones

In 2008, yoga came into Amber's life at a time of desperation and deep depression where she had no purpose or desire for life. Through the profound transformation that transpired and continues to evolve in her life, Amber's mission became clear: She continues to study yoga and learn more about herself so that she is able to better serve her students and give back to yoga what yoga has continuously and unconditionally given her for the last 13 years.

Upon taking a HUGE risk and moving to Costa Rica back in 2015, Amber has lead over 20 yoga teacher trainings, a dozen yoga retreats, and coached 70+ women to live a yoga lifestyle.

Amber is here on the planet to help other women reconnect back with the more energetic, confident, and joyful version of themselves.



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