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Trance in Dance

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The Trance Dance, or Dance of the Spirit, is a spiritual practice used by ancient cultures worldwide, not only for recreational purposes but for re-creation and healing through movements in a state of presence.
This journey is divided in two parts:
THEORY: you will learn the Brainwaves and how the brain works, how to change the state of consciousness by music and what the Trance Dance is.
EXPERIENCE: you will enjoy two hours of Trance in Dance (with a blindfold ) to reach a trance state while dancing with designed music.
Will follow a 30-minute of deep sound journey to complete the experience.​

All the music is performing live,designed with specific tuning, rhythm, frequencies and brainwaves entrainment to change the state of consciousness.

Music sample https://daviel.bandcamp.com/track/trance-dance-the-journey

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I'm an Italian visionary artist, dj-producer and sound therapist.
The last 10 years of deeply research into the profound relationships between frequencies, the body, mind, and nature led to the creation of the music genre known as Psy-Dream, which uses deep trance/tribal sounds made with unconventional tunings to entrain the brainwaves and alter consciousness.

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