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The Spirit Lamplighter

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Lisa is a facilitator and mentor for Divine Spirit connections, assisting clients in discovering answers to questions, shifting resistant patterns of behavior and belief, and opening doors to positive outcomes. Client counsel sessions are Spirit led and conducted with love and humility intended for the client's greater good. It is an honor to facilitate and help people receive clarification and direction for any issue or circumstance they may have. It is also a great privilege to mentor students who wish to enhance and expand their own awareness and spiritual connectedness.

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Qualifications include an eclectic mix over the last 30 years including a career as a licensed allopathic medical provider, an energy and intuitive medicine practitioner, a certified Life Coach, and an Advanced Psych-K facilitator and spirit communicator providing life changing results with removal of limiting beliefs. All of this enabling the creation of space for new positive life experiences.


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Lisa Nelson

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