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The Goddess Guide to Natural Birth Control

A Revolutionary E-course that empowers you to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, Naturally.

Easy to learn, Easy to Practice
Scientifically Proven, Fertility Awareness Method, 99.6% effective when Practiced CorrectlyWise Woman ways to Protect you even during your most fertile times, as well as if you happened to engage in risky behavior
Ancient Wisdom from the East to Empower your Man
Short lessons and videos make it easy to understandFree yourself from fear of unwanted pregnancy and the need for synthetic birth control, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and your health and well being 

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Hi, I'm Lauren Love.

I am giving my life to sharing these teachings because this understanding that I have cultivated and carry has the power to set us free.

This wisdom is meant for all.

Our birth control can be a celebration of our deep harmony, or something that takes us into an altered state, far from our truest expression in the world.

My natural birth control practice of more than eight years has both freed me from my fear of getting pregnant and made me self sufficient in my birth control needs...not to mention saved me a ton of money and the countless side effects offered by all synthetic methods.

Understanding my body's signs and cycles through the Fertility Awareness Method, and tuning into her wisdom has brought me tremendous peace and empowerment.

Understanding wise women wisdom and the masculine component of this practice has brought me even greater freedom, protection, and joy.

Beyond this empowering understanding, I have created an all natural, organic birth control cream that works as a lubricant, 100% effective spermicidal birth control, and protection against certain STDs! Get excited, this is the birth control of your wildest dreams.

I invite you to join me in this harmony, freedom, power, and pleasure!

It is for you.

From my beautiful heart to yours,

Lauren Love
Sacred Birth keeper and Wise Woman teacher



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