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Thai Yoga Bodywork

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Thai Bodywork is done fully dressed without the use of oils, so arrive to your session in loose comfortable clothes (yoga clothes or loose pants and a t-shirt). The session is practiced on a floor mat for optimum mobility. The first half of the session is generally spent warming up the body with rhythmic palm compression, rocking, and acupressure applications along the facial and energetic lines of the body. 

With the body warmed up, and the energy channels stimulated, we follow up with sequences of stretches and range-of-motion explorations. Through the application of acupressure, rocking, tapping, stretching, mobility training, and guided breathing, this style of bodywork not only relaxes muscle tissue, but effectively stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, while dispersing stagnation, increasing flexibility & joint mobility, and the body's innate abilities to detoxify and regenerate.

Consequently, it feels great, too!

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Jason Thomas has been practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork for nearly 20 years, along with meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, classes in food preparation, and whole foods catering. He’s also studied Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, and Hot Stone Therapy.

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