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SFFT Kitchen Apprenticeship

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Planning to be prepared? Want to stock your pantry for a rainy day?


Groceries getting expensive?


Ready to hone your DYI/ self sufficiency skills?


Want to eat clean homemade food and stop supporting the fake food industry?


Join veteran homesteader and master vegetable artist Wendy Crews 6 Wednesdays for a comprehensive look at food preserving arts and gourmet meal creation skills. Wendy has been plant based since 1982, has a certificate in Natural Hygiene and is a dehydrator treat expert. She dreams of helping create lush gardens and full pantries everywhere.


You gain

  •  piece of mind about your relationship with food
  •  a sense of food security and a stocked pantry
  • Self sufficiency skills and preparedness for what may come
  • Homesteaders wisdom


 In 6 Wednesdays cover 

  • harvest and kitchen management practices
  • Freezing and Canning
  • Fermenting and Root cellaring
  • Fruit Leather/ Wraps/ Tortillas/ Crusts
  • Drying Harvest Fruits/ Vegetables / Herbs
  • Sauces, condiments and Dressings
  • Sugar, Salt, Oil and GF Desserts, Breads, Cookies, Pies
  • Plant Cheeses, Milks and Nicecreams


Program Structure:

Standard Package – $399

         6 Wednesdays (3 each month) from 3:00-4:30 pm Mountain Standard / Costa Rica time

                         live Zoom video class with Q&A on that week’s theme 

          Private Telegram group

          Class recordings 

               VIP Package – $599

          Standard package + Six 30-minute Private mentoring calls to dive deeper into your       project       

Register in advance at Paypal wendycrews@gmail.com and by having your orientation call



Contact Wendy Crews: wendycrews@gmail.com 

506 8915 2461



Sobre Mí

Biografía / Cualificaciones

Wendy Crews was lucky to be raised on homemade whole food. She became plant based in 1982 and has always been passionately interested in health of people and planet. Homesteading in the midwest honed preservation skills and creativity. She has experience with all kinds of special diets including, GF, SOS, grainfree, raw. In her free time she may be found inventing recipies or making fruit leather for gifting. She is happy to support others on their plant based journey.

Standard Package $399 - Vip package $599
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Is Kitchen Club a cooking show?

<p>No it is a lecture style interactive club to teach and support whole food plant based gourmet cuisine.</p>





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