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Shamanic Somatic Bodywork

Physical Embodiment Codes for inspired & EMPOWERED living: through breath, movement, relaxation & grounded Presence


Jonathan's deepest medicine in Costa Rica.

This experience is for individuals who are ready for change and transformation in their life. Often described as a shamanic journey and re-birthing process.

Flexible time options, min 1.5hrs.



My name is Jonathan MacCaul and I am a Heart-Centered transformation guide and space holder.

I began training, competing, and teaching martial arts at age 13.
I studied Fitness & Health, and have spent the past 10 years integrating yoga, Systema (ancient Russian Martial Art and healing practice), body/energy-work and sacred alchemy.

My hero's journey has continuously taken me out of my comfort zone, exploring many paths. As a result, I continue to remember more of who I truly am and have a deep awareness of what I came here to create and experience with this precious gift that is life, here now, on planet Earth.

This awakening of my Truth inspired and empowered me to let go of my belongings in Canada, and move to beloved Costa Rica in 2017.

Since then, I have been fully committed to diving deep within myself, shamanically and alchemically purifying my body temple while harmonizing and uniting the Masculine and Feminine energies within. This sacred work of radical Self Love, provided the template for my Beloved to arrive into my life.

Our sacred union continues to grow stronger each day and has been the greatest catalyst for us both to step more fully on a path of Divine Service. Together, we are focusing our awareness on creating a Space of Love for our future family to thrive with a strong commUnity of Soul Brothers and Sisters.

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Biografía / Cualificaciones

- Training, competing & teaching Martial Arts since age 13
- Professional MMA fight, 2008, Japan
- Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor since 2009
- Fitness & Health Promotion Graduate, 2011, Canada
- Certified Yoga Instructor since 2012, India
- Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, 2015, Canada
- Certified Systema Instructor since 2016, Canada
- Shamanic Somatic Bodywork since 2017
- Abundant Life experience & World Travel
- Presenter at Transformational Festivals & Events



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