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rockstar yoga
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Rockstar Yoga

Rockstar Yoga is a practice of living life to the fullest. Be a rockstar.

A dynamic Yoga studio located in the Village of Dominical, Costa Rica! Creative classes and playful sequencing. All are welcome!



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I always considered myself a bit of a Rockstar as I worked as a Radio City Rockette. I had the ability to party all night and then nap and do 4 shows. When I stepped into Yoga, my definition of what a Rockstar was and what a Rockstar could be, began to change.

My first experience with the physical practice of asana was on a beach in Mexico. I had gone through a breakup and felt a strong urge to fly to Tulum and practice Power Yoga on the beach for a week.

It was during this week that my world began to change. Opportunities seemed more vast, and the planet seemed to open up in front of me. I realized that I was capable of much more than I had previously understood. And this, to me, is Yoga. A shift in consciousness that brings us more into alignment with the world around us.

I enrolled in Love Skool at Laughing Lotus in the fall of 2015. I am eternally grateful for my experience there, and the wonderful teachers who are still a part of my heart, as well as my daily practice.

In 2017, I left my teaching jobs in NY and headed out into the world with a backpack. My teacher told me, “You’re in the hands of grace now.” And she was right. Through all of the ups and downs, I have been.

I backpacked through India and Nepal for 10 months, solo, experiencing much along the way. A lot of my time was spent sitting in meditation. I also began to volunteer in animal rescue and forge strong connections with other travelers.

I moved to Germany in 2018, thinking that would be my forever home. I landed guest teaching spots in both Cologne and Hamburg. The Lotus connection is strong and worldwide.

And then, in the summer of 2019, I came here to Costa Rica to create a Yoga program for a hostel. I thought I would stay for 3 months, the length of a tourist visa. Since that time, I have acquired a dog (the love of my life, Muppet), a car, and now this Yoga studio. I am still here :)

When our physical space became available in the Village of Dominical, I jumped at the chance to open my own studio. This was not even something I knew that I wanted, but the Universe had plans for us. And now I am grateful every day to have a beautiful studio to teach, grow, learn, and share from.

Rockstar Yoga has been years in the making. To me, a Rockstar now means someone who is honest, heartfelt, and grounded. One who cares for others, does right by the planet, and forges strong connections day after day. One who can be both soft and strong simultaneously. I get to practice with a whole bunch of Rockstars everyday, who come to their mats again and again, staying committed to their paths and to themselves.

Oh, won’t you join us for a dance party on your mat??? :)


SINGLE CLASSES - 7,000 COLONES ($11) / TICOS - 3,000 - 6,000 sliding scale



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