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In-Spired Breathwork

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My name is Ra

I am a certified Breathwork Instructor from San Jose, California

I teach style of Breathwork I have put together from various systems and techniques, I call In-Spired Breathwork

The "Spire" in In-Spired comes from the Latin word Espiritu which originally means Breath

I teach Breathwork as a tool to clear the mind, detox the body, increase energy, restore balance to the nervous system, to get one in touch with "Spirit" (as Breath is a bridge to Spirit) and to awaken In-Spiration

There is a fair amount of challenge in the flow that I share and modifications can be made for those who have certain health conditions, but overall, this is a very accessible practice that one can do daily

Breathwork can feel daunting to many who have had experiences with Breathwork practices that are more "trauma release" based and I find those practices can be less effective, as it's hard to turn those into a daily practice

I teach a sustainable and scientifically informed practice to eventually get you to the point that you naturally need to take less breaths per minute (meaning less physiological stress) as your body becomes more efficient at tolerating carbon dioxide and utilizing oxyegn

There is a very tangible alchemy and neurological science to the changes that this practice will produce with proper and regular use that I am happy to share with you if you would like more insight

I'm here to empower with information, encourage with guidance and In-Spire through sharing direct experience

Reach out to me on Instagram @ra_inspiredbreathwork or email holistichiphop444@gmail.com

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I am Ra

I'm a Poet, Hip Hop Artist, Breathwork Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Raw Foodist & Music Artist Coach from San Jose, California

New to Costa Rica

I'm looking to share my services, find some services, make some good connections and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer

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