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Cacao Ceremony with Light of Sound

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Enjoy a beautyfull ceremony with locally sourced cacao medicine from the Boruca tribe in Costa Rica

Your ceremonial experience may include: intimate space for heart sharing, singing, and music medicine. It can be an more interactive experience, or a relaxing soothing experience when paired with a sound bath.



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Your ceremonial guide, Astaria is a Medicine Musician and Cacao lover.
She is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Vocal Activation Guide, and trained Counsellor.

Astaria facilitates safely supported experiences for participants to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with their authentic soul expression.

She was first introduced to cacao in 2008, when she become a chocolatier for a small, family run chocolate shop on the West Coast of Canada. It was then that she discovered the bliss enhancing properties of cacao as she delighted in making special chocolate treats for all her customers.

She was introduced to cacao ceremony in 2015 and has been working with Cacao as a sacred medicine ever since. Cacao has been a huge influence in steering her in a more heart led direction in life, as she has been guided to travel to sacred places where she could immerse her self in the origins of this beatufyul plant ally. She has sat with many cacao enthusiasts, studied and learned about the whole life span of how cacao gets processed into the form that we get to enjoy it in.

You can view a documentary that she made about the ceremony of cacao here: https://youtu.be/fS4yNKkigl0

A cacao ceremony with Astaria is a beautyfully unique, heart-opening, and loving experience.

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