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Borderless Birth

Bienvenido, welcome to my virtual space! I’m Jamie Satori and I’ve been serving Costa Rica’s birth community since 2017 and a birth professional since 2014.

Borderless Birth is my brain-baby and most precious offering. It has become an international resource for people with a desire to begin or expand their family somewhere more aligned with their values. Traveling between countries, I began serving people from all over the globe. Australia, Germany, Chile, Argentina, México, Costa Rica, San Salvador, The United States, Canada, UK, Sweden, New Zealand - the list grows. It has been so inspiring to witness the autonomous birth movement spreading throughout all languages, backgrounds, and cultures. Birth is BORDERLESS. It is universal.

Birth is the blueprint of creation and its concepts. We have all been born. Together we share this absolute truth. It is a great honor to be investing my creative energy into preserving unhindered birth and elevating my fellow humans.

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My intention with this online sanctuary is to allow you a window into my soul and my work (my soulwork!). My passion pursuits focus heavily on standing witness + vigil at the planetary gateways - birth and death. Here you will come across authentic representations of both, with the hope that each encounter with the divine softens us deeper into our humanity.

In my Midwifery portal, you’ll discover the finer details of partnering with me in your birth vision. My midwifery is my compassion artistry and the center of what I am creating.

The Borderless Birthworker Blog is a collection of my personal writings and self-inquiry. As a storyteller, a vein of my dharma is sharing my experiences as permission slips to be vulnerable. What your eyes meet in my vault is what is etched into the seam of my spirit.

Throughout these pages are photos of my practice and loved ones, birth videos, a selection of my own births, loss, placentas, ritual, and so on. All media you find is related directly to Borderless Birth. Eventually, I’ll be adding an educational platform and a few handcrafted items that may serve you on your way.

I pray that what you stumble upon here moves you. That it shows you the honey in life and reveals your own tenderness. I hope the wordcrafting awakens something within you and beckons to you to reclaim what has always been yours.



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