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Non-toxic Steps

Verificado por su propietario is an online store that carries a wide range of products that support a clean, non-toxic and healthy lifestyle. We offer everything from organic & wildcrafted medicinal herbs, RO water and shower filters, plastic-free food and drink storage, non-toxic cleaning supplies incl organic castille soap, biohacking tools and more!

We ship all over Costa Rica and offer free same-day pick in Uvita for customers located in the Bahía Ballena area.

We also offer consultation services if you need help reducing your or your family's toxic load.

Order online at

Orgánico / Sin químicos

Certificados Orgánicos!

Organic, wildcrafted herbal supplements and plant medicine by Anima Mundi: blue lotus tea, plant-basedcollagen boosters, black elderberry syrup, detox remedies and liver support, sleep remedies, cold & flu tinctures, medicinal mushrooms (chaga, reshi, cordyceps, lion’s mane etc), he shou wu, schisandra berry, mucuna, pau d’arco, metabolism and boosters and anti-bloating remedies (happy belly powder, fat belly elixir etc), happiness pwder, euphoria powder, golden sun milk, golden moon milk, wholefood vitamin C based from mangosteen and hibiscus powder, ashwagandha, 100% organic real vanilla, coconut powder, bitter tonic

Productos Ecológicos

Productos Ecológicos

Organic non-toxic skincare products: face creams and oils, scrubs, sun screen, after-sun, shampoo

Non-toxic cleaning supplies including old-fashioned palm oil-free and handmade castille soap

Non-toxic magnesium-based laundry "detergent"

Red light panels

Red light portable sauna

Aquatru countertop reverse osmosis water filter

Aqualux shower filters

Ozone bubbler: rinses of pesticides/herbicides, pathogens etc off your groceries + makes ozone water

Portable diffuser

Blue light blocking glasses by Blublox

Organic sleep mask by Blublox

Natural bristle dry brushes

Organic and ethically made palo santo mist and oil

Handmade coconut bowls

Más información sobre nuestro negocio

Por qué hago (hacemos) esto

For the past few years, I’ve been consciously transitioning into clean, earth-kind and non-toxic living while trying to maintain a mindful approach based on self-reflection, open-mindedness, soul-searching and courage. 

Since we moved to Costa Rica in March 2021 however, I’ve been having hard time finding clean, effective and high-quality products that our family was used to. 

So I created this online store to partially scratch my own itch but also to serve the community who, like me, has been going through a similar struggle. My goal is to prioritize and make available as many locally produced organic and non-toxic alternatives as possible and opt for imports only when there are no other suitable options here in Costa Rica. 

Why non-toxic? I believe that toxins that we are constantly bombared with in our day-today life are at the root cause of many (if not all!) diseases.

Why steps? Because “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” (Lao Tzu)

You are welcome to read more about me and my approach here

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