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Fresh Basic Plant in a Pot

La Joya del Sol Organic PC Farm

What's available while supplies last. Prices range from 200 to 5000 colones. All seedlings raised in organic composted soil with quartz crystal rock dust, bio-char, rich leafy mulch

Map PIN - 4WD only -

Come down driveway about 1 km, At the fork at the bottom, park there and walk down the left fork to the vvero. Parking at the vivero only for pick up. Call Eric for appointment +506 8886 6802

Baby banana hijos, sweet creamy,
Eggfruit (Canistel), 3000
Grumichama, 3000
Jackfruit plus (lemony, juicy) 3000
Mabolo (velvet apple) 2500
Ojoche (rich seed native to CR), 2000
Peanut butter fruit, 3000
Sapodilla (Nispero) 3000
Tarap, 3000
Terrenganu cherry, 2000

LANDSCAPE EDIBLES no garden should be without
Galangal, 500/3 sprouts
Ginger, strong culinary,500/3
Gotu Kola, 1000/bunch
Jewels of Opar Spinach, 500/bun
Mulberry (sweet, plump),2000
Okinawan spinach, 500/bunch
Purslane, 200/slip
Sweet potato, yellow, 200/slip
Malanga root, 300/hijo
Tiquisque root, 300/hijo
Vanilla – 1+ meter mature slips, bunches of 10, 5000/bunch, discount for orders over 10 bunch
Spiderwort, 200/slip
Nopales cactus, 500/paddle cut
Thimbleberry bush, 3000/rooted


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