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AmyZing! Certified Organics

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Our focus is on growing healthy soil utilizing volcanic rock powder, microorganisms, bokashi and beneficial fungi and the result is nutritious, mineralized food for your health and well-being!  Our products include: fresh and dried exotic fruits, artisanal bananas, spices, herbal and medicinal teas, perennial greens and herbs, palm hearts, kefir, kimchi, vinegar, sugar cane syrup, fertilizers, a baby coconut water extractor and more.

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Fresh Exotic Fruits in Season that include:
Jackfruit, Sweet Starfruit, Mangosteen, Chocolate Sapote, Nance, Suriname Cherry, Loquat, Star Apple, Mesino Limes, Lemons
Fresh Frozen Jackfruit Ripe Bulbs and Fiber for Cooking while supplies last.

Artisanal Bananas: Datíl, Baby Seed, Red Guineo, Apple, Filipita, Cuadrada

Spices: Paprika, Spicy Paprika, Cayenne, Hot Chili Flakes, Sweet Chili Flakes, Green Garlic Leaf, Oregano, Turmeric, Ginger and a Superfood Blend w/ greens and herbs mixed in.

Dried Fruits: Bananas, Filipitas, Star Fruit, Jack Fruit, Mango, Coconut and Pineapple

Herbal/Medicinal Teas: Lemon Grass/Ginger/Lime, Gotu Kola, Sacred Peruvian Leaf, Verbena, Soursop, Jack Ass Bitters

Kefir: Probiotic Natural Soda: w/ Lemon Verbena and Ginger

Hot Chili Sauce infused with garlic, live probiotic ferment

Kimchi with Palm Hearts and Veggies, probiotic

Palm Hearts in Vinaigrette

Sugar Cane Syrup, all-purpose mineral rich sweetner

Healthy Drinks in addition to Kefir:

Sugar Cane Juice: fresh milled on-site

Mint Chan Drink: Costa Rica’s “chia” seed with verbena tea and cane syrup

Aloe Vera Drink: Chunks of aloe vera with verbena tea and cane syrup

Productos Ecológicos

Productos Ecológicos

Microorganism Foliar Spray: for plants and soil
Worm Tea Foliar Spray: for plants

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AmyZing! Certified Organics is located in La Florida de Barú on a 28 acre farm whose productive zone is  nestled between forest and private reserve. We grow everything from seed to harvest and process on site.  AmyZing! Organics was certified via a three-year process with the Association of Organic Producers of the Brunca Region in conjunction with the Accreditation and Registry of Organic Agriculture, a department of the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture:


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