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SFFT Growing Apprenticeship

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If you say YES to any or all of these questions, then this apprenticeship program was designed with you in mind! … 

      Tired of dreaming of self sufficiency or feeling disconnected from your food?

             Are you short on experience but have a mission to grow your own? 

          Maybe you already grow a few things but now are ready to upgrade, want your own coach?


             Do you see yourself walking the talk and practicing radical self-care by growing your food           

             herbs and medicine?


What if you could eat salad from your patio, cut fresh culinary herbs out your back door to share with neighbors or bring as gifts?


Practice radical self-care and experience connectedness while stewarding the environment. Growing food is one of the most primal spiritual practices. There is substantial scientific evidence of the healing power of gardening.

Be the change, your action gets you;

  • Comprehensive, yet simple productive growing methods
  • systems management & maintenance recipies
  • knowledge to implement compost systems 
  • tools for determining optimum plant, garden or greenhouse placement
  • seeds of inspiration for what and how you might grow massive fruit in small spaces

In this 6 Module apprenticeship experience, we explore:

  • Deep Mulch/Lasagna growing system and the Square foot method
  • Repeatable postage stamp design for a small, adaptable food garden with perennials that works nearly everywhere, front, back and side yards, on concrete, pavement, rock, sand, poor soil and rooftops with experiential human components for optimum enjoyment.
  • Greenhouse design, methods, use and Container Growing Everywhere
  • Compost/ Vermiculture and Bio toilets
  • Homemade Ammendments and defense
  • Grafting, Espalier, Orchards and Pruning

Program Structure:

Standard Package – $399

         6 Wednesdays (3 each month) from 5:00-6:30 pm Mountain Standard / Costa Rica time

                         live Zoom video class with Q&A on that week’s theme 

                         Private Telegram group

                         Class recordings 

               VIP Package – $599

          Standard package + Six 30-minute Private mentoring calls to dive deeper into your project

Register in advance at Paypal and by having your orientation call.


Contact Wendy Crews: Costa Rica +506 8915 2461

Sobre Mí

Biografía / Cualificaciones

Wendy is a do it yourself country girl. Most passionate about creating whole food plant based
meals, growing food, herbs and flowers, and practicing sustainable living skills. She is a great
example of personal and environmental sustainability as she has been homesteading for over
29 years from Southwest Wisconsin. Building her first home debt-free one check at a time, living
without running water and wood heat only, she became proficient in chopping wood, carrying
water. She mastered deep mulch, square foot gardening composting, vermiculture, food
preservation, root cellaring, mushroom growing, beekeeping, maple syrup farming, foraging
seriously. She studied permaculture, natural building, passive solar, zero energy homes,
rainwater catchment, greywater systems, gravity feed, site planning for wind and solar, green
remodeling. She is especially good at repurposing items for building and growing. She has
designed classes for a folk school in green cleaning, construction for women, composting and
chainsaw and firewood basics for beginners. She worked 25years as an independent contractor
running a green cleaning business and was a certified lead remediator. She also has extensive
experience in food production in restaurants of all kinds and catering.

Standard Package – $399 ● VIP Package – $599 ●
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