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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica explores who's doing what to bring CR toward carbon neutrality and social equity.
Join us as we share stories, strategies, and insights from ecologically & socially beneficial projects contributing to the change we need to see more of in the world.
These stories provide businesses and landowners everywhere access to unique ideas for how they, too, might design their own business models for regenerative success and impact.
In the end, we hope to see more people succeed in their dreams to live & work in ways that are beneficial to the environment, living beings, and future generations.
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I'm a guy who spent 6 years, in my twenties, hitchhiking around north and central America, as a vagabond gypsy balloon artist, volunteering at dozens of homesteads, permaculture farms, and intentional communities along the way. I knew that life had more to offer than what he saw in conventional society, and I've been finding that to be true ever since!


During my vagabond years, I saw land management and community living done a whole lot of different ways.  In 2008 I left MN in a veggie oil school bus, heading south looking for a new place to live. 6 months later I landed at what became my home and farm in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica.


After a dozen years dedicating myself to that land project, I've transitioned my focus to regional resilience and nationwide networking.  The Sharing Insights Podcast was my first step along that path.  After a year of podcasting and understanding better the needs of that audience Regeneration Nation Costa Rica was born.


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