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Nursery Day

Learn all about biodiversity and native rainforest trees in our hands on tree nursery action day in Platanillo, Costa Rica. You can arrive by bus and walk less than a mile to reach our community tree nursery with previous arrangements. Join our groups to learn about making fertile compost soil and foliar amendments with organic materials and bio-dynamic farming practices. Cleaning and planting seeds for germination is pivotal to growing all kinds of different fruit, medicinal and lumber trees. Everyone enjoys filling bags with fertile soil for productive tree transplanting activities suitable for all age groups. Pulling weeds and hand picking bugs are part of our interactive day. Watering baby trees and organizing trees by species rounds out a perfect 2 hour experience sure to inspire you and give you a rewarding feeling of giving back. Seed collection expeditions with educational walks in the jungle are available upon prior scheduling. Donations requested for all participants.


Nursery Day

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At Community Carbon Trees, we are most unique and recognized for actually growing new biodiverse rainforest over the long term with fair pay for all workers, men and women, participating in our hands on, paradigm shifting reforestation work. Our forests speak for themselves and so do our workers who learn hands on techniques for regenerating their own land and conserving the forests we grow now and in the future with your support.


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