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Karuna Costa Rica (Tanz Wear)

Handmade with love in Costa Rica 

Karuṇā (Sanskrit: करुणा) ~ generally translated as compassion or mercy.

At Karuna, we care! We care for all forms of living surrounding us. Our production is nestled into the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica between the Pacific Ocean Waves and the Central mountain-tops. Imagine only the energy every piece of Karuna beholds. 

We care for the earth. Our main fabric Modal is made from beech tree pulp. A form of rayon, another plant-based textile - but more durable and softer. A luxurious textile thanks to its soft feel yet higher cost. Karuna boosts versatility in almost all its designs. One piece - use it manifold. Lower your impact and footprint wandering on Planet Earth. 

We care for our women. Every piece of Karuna is hand-made and sewed by one of our three sewers living in beautiful yet remote places in Costa Rica. Every piece of Karuna supports our female sewers. It creates financial independance and enhances a personal sense for self and creation!

Thank you for caring!


Mi razón o inspiración

Irene Farjado

The Past

"Flash dance and Leotards" were the motivating attributes in the 1980s for Irene Farjardo to create - first - her own aerobic wear. Born at Lake Atilan, Guatemala, raised in Costa Rica the 23rd year old, energetic - wild soul was an aerobic instructor in desperate need of unique, femenine and sexy wear for her sports classes. Irene self-taught herself the art of seweing and indulgend in inspiration living and deepening her love for fashion in the 1990s in Italy.

Her sports brand "Tanz" ~ German for Dance ~ since its early stages empowered feminine expression, natural flow and a feel-good-in-your-skin sentiment.

The Present

Influenced by Jungle sounds nestled into the midst of the Central American Mountain Ranges and the roar of Ocean Waves - Irene produces every mold hand-made from her home workshop in Baru, Costa Rica supported by four Costa Rican mothers that finalize and adorn each piece. To reflect Irene's life journey as a designer & artist now longing to serve the feminine on a much deeper and intentional level her brand "Tanz" transitioned into "Karuna". Karuna ~ compassion; Compassion for ourselves, others and all living surrounding us. Compassion as we move through our individual cicles, month to month & throughout our lifetime as you see symbolized in Karuna's logo & the moon phases.

Made by women connected to earth for all the beautiful free spirits, warrior souls and goddesses that wander this magnificent planet. For the dancer, the healer, the medicine women, the yoga practitioner, the earth defender, the activists ~ Karuna seeks to make you feel feminine, sensual yet comfortable & cared for in your unique, stunning skin. A brand that boots versatility - many pieces can be worn in manifold ways - to travel light, playful and with a low impact on our Planet. One piece making up for many!

The Future

"Empowerment" is what originated Tanz, now Karuna. With every piece purchased you support a Costa Rican girl or mother, dreamer of the dreams to make her future come true. Karuna employees and trains Costa Rican women in the art of sewing and fashion. In this fast-paced, fast-fashion-dominated world Irene envisions this message resonates with your spirit and together we can keep growing the program bringing you unique wear from the Jungle of Costa Rica to your doorsteps.



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