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Improv Theater Acting Workshops – Tanja Otolski

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I am passionate about theater and performing arts.
Opening and holding the space for creative flow an
artistic self-expression is my highest joy.

Tanja Otolski acting teacher, director, actress,
play-write, show-host, creative coach, mother,
gardener, dreamer, artist.....

Hi everybody, I am Tanja Otolski (improvisation teacher, director, actress) graduated at the theater academy in the Netherlands with more than 15 years of experience.
I offer online and live improvisation and acting classes for all levels.

Improv exercises bring fresh and fun input to seminars online and live, events, retreat programs.

I am designing online improv presentations, hosting live improv shows and I have a passion for teaching and sharing the benefits and skills of improv theater:

- improves your ability to adapt to new situations, confidence and presentation skills

- a playfull way to interact and connect in group settings - breaking the ice

- keeping your frequency high through laughter, joy, creativity, co-creation


We are improvising songs on the spot with suggestions from the audience and weave them into improvised scenes and stories. Acting and Singing combined. Including one hour vocal class to open our voices. You will learn how to create and get into character and how to play and interact with it. At the end we make soloperformances and present them in an interactive theater setting. Become the writer, narrator, actor, prop, director of a story yet to be told. Which epic peace of literature wants to be expressed by you? A Swedish Crime Story, a Russian Melodramatic love story, a magical Fantasy novel? Come and find out. This class is open for everybody that wants to explore Improv and their unique artistic expression



Mi razón o inspiración

My Story

At the age of 18 I came in contact with Improvisation Theater in Berlin.
Since then this spontaneous and free way of connecting and
co-creating has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.
After graduating at the theater academy in Holland (Utrecht School of Arts)
in 2006 I have been working as an acting teacher and theater director for
more than 15 years.
I was artistic director of an independent theater company
(TG Wildvreemd) and worked as an actress for film and theater
(IMDb Tanja Otolski ).
In Costa Rica I have been organizing regular improv classes, acting
workshops, musical improv classes and improv shows.
Currently I am working on a play and founding a theater company.
I am living in San Salvador de Baru with my family after living in Germany
and improvise my way through life.
The workshops I am designing are a playful invitation to connect with
your inner child, discover hidden talents, share and celebrate your
uniqueness with others.
My background is in physical theater.
I am fascinated by character-work and transformation.
For me playing improv theater is a wonderful way to take a step back
from your habits and become more fluid in navigating the different
aspects of your personality.
Every group, every person is different and so are my classes.
I am always open to make a customized offer and incorporate wishes,
needs and ideas.
The basic requirements for my workshops are a minimum of three
participants and a dry space that leaves enough room for movement.
One class lasts between 1,5 and 3 hours.
Let's improv(e) together!
Contact Tanja via telegram or whatsapp: +506 8639 281



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