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Siel Siel

Siel Siel is a firm that specializes in environmental consulting services. Right from its start in Costa Rica in 1997, Siel Siel has fostered a multidisciplinary service philosophy, based on excellence, punctuality, transparency and ethics.

Presently, Siel Siel has customers throughout Cental America and the Caribbean, and has collected experience working with environmental services companies all over the world, for example Ecology & Environment, Inc. At the local level, Siel Siel maintains relationships with the National Chamber of Agriculture and Agroindustry, with various local goverments and law and engineering firms in charge of future projects to be proposed to the national authorities.

Siel Siel provides its services under the banner of continuous improvement and therefore maintains a constant training in relevant issues, both within and outside Costa Rica.

Fields of work

Siel Siel has multiple areas of expertise, such as various environmental services, with emphasis on design strategies associated with environmental permits for certain projects and their implementation, as well as environmental planning for them.

The services include, among others, environmental impact studies, environmental management plans, ISO 14001 and EUREPGAP certification processes, environmental fragility indexes, advice on master plans and regulatory plans.

The studies performed by Siel Siel are accompanied by maps developed with geographic information systems , a clear and effective way of presenting this type of information.

Environmental-legal counseling

We can provide consulting for regulatory compliance on environmental-jurisdictional topics, follow-ups on cases before the Environmental Administrative Court and the Environmental Prosecutor's Office, consultancies in arbitration proceedings and submission and monitoring of habeas corpus in environmental issues. Specifically:

  • Environmental-legal counseling for regulatory compliance (may/may not be for ISO 14001 certification)
  • Monthly environmental-legal updates
  • Addressing cases before the Environmental Administrative Court
  • Tracking cases before the Environmental Prosecutor's Office
  • Addressing environmental and legal consultations, including inspections prior to the subsequent identification of applicable regulations on environmental and health issues
  • Miscellaneous paperwork related to conservation areas
  • Environmental-legal education
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Advising on arbitration process
  • Habeas corpus in environmental issues and monitoring of those that had been processed

picture 4 Comprehensive Environmental Management

We provide advise on the following types of processes:

  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • Implementation of recycling programs
  • Training in environmental and occupational safety
  • Volunteer environmental management plans
  • Definition of environmental policy
  • Advice on green certifications, such as LEED and Audubon
  • Developing programs for Corporate Social Responsibility

picture 5 Carbon neutrality

We perform carbon emission inventories and provide the necessary advise for mitigating these emissions.

picture 3 Project planning

We provide planning assistance in the following areas:

  • Baseline studies: geological, hydrological, forestry, biological terrestrial, aquatic biological, sociological, institutional aspects
  • Environmental component in master plans
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Project execution strategies that allow for: cost reduction, a clearly defined legal situation and successful completion.
  • Management plans for protected wildlife areas (refuges and the like)
  • Paperwork related to construction work on coastline properties before the Costarican Tourism Institute

picture 1 Occupational health

We perform analyses of working environment conditions, including variables such as noise, illumination and documentation required by the Ministry of Health and the Occupational Health Counsel. Specifically:

  • Occupational health plans
  • Registration of occupational health departments and task forces
  • Preparation of trimestral reports
  • Emergency management plans
  • Advise on emergency drills execution
  • Illumination, noise and temperature analyses.

About us

Bio / Qualifications


Siel Siel S.A. is operated directly by their owners and legal representatives, Marietta Lizano and Priscilla Vargas, who are certified as ISO 14001 Lead Auditors , at Eurepgap and are registered with the Costa Rican National Accreditation Body ( Ente Nacional Costarricense de Acreditación, ECA ).

Marietta Lizano is an attorney from the University of Costa Rica , with a Masters degree in Environmental Law from Tulane University , USA. She is also a ISO 140001 Lead Auditor, with more than 20 years of professional practice, with remarkable pioneer work in the field of Environmental Law in the country.

Priscilla Vargas is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Costa Rica , and received a Masters Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University , USA. She is an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and certified by Eurepgap, with experience in environmental assessment of projects of various kinds over the past 15 years.

Siel Siel's staff also includes professionals from the most diverse areas of knowledge, such as Biology, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Law. At the same time maintains constant contact with additional consultants in areas such as Hydrology, Forestal Engineering, Geology, Hydrogeology, Sanitary Engineering and Sociology among others.

For more information, please do not hesitate to establish contact with Siel Siel.

We offer, among others, environmental and legal advice for regulatory compliance, care and monitoring of cases before the Environmental Administrative Court and the Environmental Attorney office, consultancies in arbitration proceedings and submission and follow-up of habeas corpus in environmental issues.

How you can reach us

Address / Directions
Our address, the costarrican way, is: 200 mts North from Condominio Cima Real, Calle Limonal, White Apartment Building on left hand side, Guácima, Alajuela.

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