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Futuris Consulting

Futuris Consulting is a boutique sustainability consulting company with a wide international outlook, that provides services on environment, social and occupational health and safety. Wellness is our priority. We believe in empathy and our willingness to learn as key elements of our work. We have a multidisciplinary team and a wide network of contacts that allow us to take on various challenges with responsibility and enthusiasm.


We provide services in Risk Management, including Investment Environmental and Social Risk Assessment, Mergers and & Acquisitions Due Diligence, Contaminated Land Investigation Remediation and Management, Regulatory Permitting & Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Management Systems ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001, Disaster Risk Management, Legal Compliance, Safety Risks, Occupational Health.


Sustainability Management Systems


We support companies in defining management processes aimed at achieving legal compliance, risk control and continuous improvement

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Contaminated Land Analysis


We characterize potentially contaminated sites and their hydrogeological environment in order to determine soil and groundwater remediation needs and strategy

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Investment Environment and Social Risk


We develop social and environmental risk management systems in financing operations to facilitate informed and accurate decision-making

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Sustainability Audit and Assurance Costa Rica


We identify opportunities for improvement that allow for accurate decision-making and compliance in environmental, social and safety matters

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EASIA and Permitting

Environmental Impact Assessments AND Permitting

We assess environmental and social impacts and identify legal compliance requirements for launching operations

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Sustainability Risk Assessment Service Costa Rica


We identify hazards and vulnerability with a territorial approach, based on prevention and mitigation

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Corporate Sustainability Strategy


We identify and define priorities for our clients, in accordance with the requirements of stakeholders, in environmental, social and health and safety matters

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Occupational Health - Work Ergonomics


We use internationally renowned techniques to assess risks and design and develop occupational health monitoring programs

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Futuris Consulting is a sustainability consulting company based in Costa Rica that provides services for Latin America in environmental, social, and health and safety. Futuris has a multidisciplinary team of sustainability consultants: engineers and geologists willing to explore diverse and evolving challenges.

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Plaza Magnolia Commercial Center, No. 17. Route 251, 800m east of Walmart Tres Ríos, Costa Rica
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