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Catalyst Management Consulting & Organizational Development

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Upward Spirals helps:

Social entrepreneurs,

Event producers,

Sustainable communities,

Permaculture projects,

Wellness centers,

and Environmental educators,

maximize their impact through management coaching on



and organizational development planning,

business model design,

social entrepreneurship training,

and event planning and production systems and tools.


We offer a range of management consulting, social enterprise incubation and coaching, and organizational development planning services to leaders of humanitarian and environmental projects.


Working directly with Strategic Director and Co-Founder Eric Baudry, together we’ll quickly identify your greatest business challenges, and put together efficient and holistic multi-capital-conscious solutions to support you in your mission to help people and the planet. Bringing strategic growth plans, advanced financial and revenue generating models, powerful marketing and sales strategies, and holistic regenerative business models, we’ll catalyze the next level of growth in your impact.


To learn more about the types of projects we work on with our clients, visit:




Here is what some recent clients have said about our projects working together:


“This is to express to you how much we value your work, as well as you, as a conscious person and those talented individuals who make up your team. In the short time we’ve known each other; you’ve become an important asset to Sangha. We believe that we are being well guided by the best professional in Costa Rica.” – Gino Salotti




“Right now we are working in collaboration with a great society from Costa Rica, Upward Spirals, to create a community development plan, a business model and multiple revenue generating strategies.

Our vision is to create a social enterprise, sustainable, regenerative, and financially thriving. We believe we can achieve it by working as a team with the right central core group and the expertise of partners like Eric Baudry from Upward Spirals.”




If you think Upward Spirals might be a good match for catalyzing your goals, connect with us for a free discovery session for us to learn more about each other's organizations and how we can support.


Be Well!


-Eric Baudry
Strategic Director & Co-Founder @ Upward Spirals

About us

Mission / Intention

We're building tools, templates, guides, business plans, and social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects, to help us all accelerate the co-creation of a regenerative society. We envision, and are developing, a global network of holistic economic development centers using regenerative models and tools to systematically co-create a healthy planet, economy, and communities.

Bio / Qualifications

We are a regenerative think tank and consulting company helping intentional communities, small businesses, and social entrepreneurs develop organizations that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. We bring our skills in social enterprise, strategic and financial planning, organizational development, systemic thinking, project management and knowledge management to co-create solutions to the growth challenges facing many regenerative organizations today. For a sample of projects we've worked on recently check out:, or to understand our ecosocial mission to create a more regenerative global economy check out: 

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