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Escuelita Finca Mia

Escuelita Finca Mia is an enchanting Waldorf School embraced in the foot hills of the

Cerro Chirripo Reserve in Costa Rica. We are a global garden supporting changes through alternative education; consciously planting seeds to create a brighter future.

We nurture creative minds and compassionate hearts through an artistic and social educational focus.

At Escuelita Finca Mia, all children are valued as unique and growing members of our vibrant community. Curiosity, creativity and play is central to our passions and we emphasize cooperation and caring in every part of the day.  Let’s develop a lifelong love of learning and compassion in every child!


Our school, currently in its 5th year, grew from the support and inspirations of the Finca Mia retreat center family and the desires and labors of a group of mothers from the community.

In the beginning, three of the school's founding moms took turns giving classes to the children. Soon the school evolved to receiving volunteer certified teachers teaching in an array of alternative philosophies. Now, we are presently grateful for the opportunity to employ 2 local Costa Rican Women as our loving teachers to share a passion to learn and explore their worlds based on Waldorf philosophies to children ranging ages from 4-8.


The current focus of our school is threefold; to continue supporting local educators in Waldorf teacher training, to finish the process of obtaining the Costa Rican government accreditation as an elementary school, and to be able to provide scholarships to our local Costa Rican children and provide education to those who normally cannot afford tuition within our community.

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Teaching through the Waldorf Philosophy at Escuelita, we respect the natural rhythm of each child by focusing their education on the human value as well as academics. Through this approach, we are able to mold the whole person, rather than just the mind. We are teaching a connection for deeper engagement, creating heart centered human beings, innovative thinkers and change makers, a generation of leaders creating a massive ripple effect of consciousness.
Learn more on Waldorf Philosophy and Escuelita’s Curriculum.

Mission / Intention

Creating a basic empowering of individuals for a brighter future through the seed of education.
Building Chirripo's leadership capacity and expansion into local and global community.
Inspiring others to a new level of awareness and integration of what is possible.

Bio / Qualifications

Our teacher Evelyn is a graduate of UMCA Costa Rica with a degree in elementary school teaching. She has been the heart of Escuelita Finca Mia since 2017.
Evelyn grew up in the Chirripo mountain valley, she is the oldest of four children. She says that what she values most about her upbringing is the love and the respect for individuality that her parents fostered in the family.

The most treasured part about Evelyn’s days at escuelita is what the kids teach her everyday, "leaning from them is magical, and it is that magic that tells me, everyday, that I choose the best profession in the world!"

Evelyn is committed to training and growing as a Waldorf teacher, This year she will start her elementary school Waldorf teacher training at Centro de Desarrollo Antroposófico in Mexico. It is the beginning of a 5 year journey and the school is committed to sponsoring Evelyn in her studies thanks to the support and donations from friends and community.


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Chirripo, Canaan Rivas
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