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Jaguar Chirripo

We are here to support you to download your dreams into blueprints to design and build together a poetic atmosphere of music, art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and so much but mainly for human kind gathering in peace and LOVE within Pachamama.

Send us a message to manifest with your team and family the DREAM of the DREAMERS at your sacred land.

Let’s bring our Inner Child tuned a high frequency vibrations of Co Creation!

Welcome to Jaguar Chirripo located at S. Elena del General Viejo de PZ. , where we love to share our lifestyle with the local community and friends that visit us from overseas.

We invite you to support the re-definition of rural tourism into a sustainable tourism by building and changing the green areas of a classic Tico house to become beautiful gardens, walking paths, orchard, orchid garden, fruit forest plantation, sculpture gallery , offering altars, steam bath and Glamping space.

Inside the house, we explore colorful spaces including art murals with  natural ventilation and handcrafted elements made by indigenous tribes and collected as we explore the wonders of Central America.

We consider our place as Slow Art Exploration and Slow Food Farming.

Resonate with the Nacaome Six Sovereignty Pillars and Our Manifesto:
Our written Manifesto:
Art is Life
Art is Life & Life is Art, it is the maximum expression of our holistic soul to communicate emotions and feelings from our deepest and sacred existence.
By expressing our inside art, we release our spiritual part into the matter.
In Spanish, "Artesano" is what we call a person that makes artistic hand-crafted pieces. Similarly, "Arte Sano", can mean that Art is healthy, therefore "Arte Sana". Art heals and art is a healing vehicle to enlighten our inner child and let go of fear, frustration, pain, passion and even joy. It is a means to balance the unlimited possibilities of negative or positive vibrations, from duality to polarity to integration.
Art in Life is a playground state of consciousness, to embrace our inner child and co-create magical spaces in our personal atmosphere to share the Art of Life and life as a poem.
"The spirit will speak for our culture"
Written by The Nacaome Beehive Tribe
January 10th 2019.

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