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Our Basic Analysis and Regenerative Agro-Ecology Plan is a personalized package designed to meet your specific needs and goals and offer optimized strategies to overcome potential limitations.  We build upon your current understanding and plans, and offer clear, concise next-steps to advance your project into “dream-like” abundance.

The package includes 8 hours of professional design service.  Depending on your specific needs and what information you can provide, we direct this time to develop the most economic and ecologically sound proposal for your unique situation.  Our Plan Report will include the information you most need regarding:

  • Site Overview (Sun, wind, soil, waterflow, access, etc…)
  • Soil Conditions and Regenerative Recommendations
  • Watershed Management
  • Permaculture Zones Sketch
  • Recommended Plant Guilds
  • Specific Planting Templates
  • Calendar for Agroforest Development and Management

Typically the 8 hour package will begin with an initial 1 hour intake/interview.  From there, we direct our time in the most efficient way possible to meet your needs.  We will probably spend from 1-4 hours gathering the necessary on-site information to create your customized consultation package.  After presenting the package, we will be available for another 1 hour of consultation, clarification and elaboration.

All of this for just $222-$555 US Donation or equivalent trade (plus transport if applicable)

This package is our unique co-creation and built upon 18+ years of hands-on and passionate Regenerative Agro-ecology and Tropical Permaculture experience.  We stand behind our services and guarantee that you will not find a more complete, practical, or eco-economical package anywhere else.  We are excited to empower as many people, as much as possible, for the Greatest Collective Abundance.

Con Mucho Gusto,




Bio / Qualifications

Travis Britzke

Socio-Biologist, Syntropic Forest Gardener, Permaculture Designer, Facilitator, Artist and Singer/Songwriter

Offering  Donation Based Permaculture Support. Specializing in Regenerative agroforestry, Tree-care, and employee training and empowerment.

o   18+ years living in tropical communities (Intentional, Indigenous, and/or Subsistence Farming), fully immersed in farming and agroforestry systems.

o  15 years Managing/Designing Organic Farms & Volunteer Programs from Guatemala to Bolivia
o   3 years Peace Corps Panama Agro-forestry Volunteer and Assistant Trainer
o   University Thesis on Socio-Biology, Positive Psychology, and Culture of Wellness


Vice President,  Association Community Carbon Trees

Co-founder Diamante Bridge Collective and Diamante Luz

Board of Directors, PermaVida Foundation, Costa Rica

I've also served as social worker with immigrant families, tutor and mentor to "at-risk" youth and peace mediator.  I have a passion for the wild and weedy “Thrival” plants, and enhancing the harvest with added energetic and nutritional value (fermenting, sprouting, preserving, etc...).

Currently I´m excitedly adopting Syntropic Permaculture to our local bioregion and incorporating our native, naturalized and exotic plant allies.  In the digital realm, I'm continually creating resources to support Land Stewards through this Great Turning.  Recently we completed a month long Permaculture Immersion in Español and are opening up to receive long-term apprentices in Embodied Permaculture and Syntropic Agroforestry and accepting offers of space and support to create a "Centro del Buen Vivir" to serve as a multicultural center for eco-holistic living and the glorious realization of the Eagle-Condor prophecy/reality.

Our work is Sacred and Holy, and that's why we are Donation fueled.  We believe that true abundance is collective, and that one's well-being depends on the well-being of our family and community.  This is why we are offering "Permaculture to the People."

Donation Based. Sliding scale recomendation from $20-$60 / hour
All available payment options
Open to trade/barter, Cash

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