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Purasol Sistemas Solares

Off-Grid Solar Panels

The freedom of using solar energy on any location.
Full custom design for your specific situation.
All components to convert and store energy independently.
Professional installation by our experienced team.

On-Grid Solar Panels

Free solar energy with the reliability of the grid.
Full custom design for your specific situation.
All additional components to connect to the grid.
Professional installation by our experienced team.
Complete procedures with your electricity provider.
Purasol is positioned as a business with environmental and social impact. With the commitment to guarantee the increase of its impact generated in the development of the implementation of solar energy in the country, Purasol reinvest every year more than 50% of its profit in the company itself.


Bio / Qualifications

To be the leading distributor and installer of solar energy technology in Costa Rica, creating a stable and profitable market for both the solar industry and our customers. Through a consistent level of high-quality installations and outstanding customer support, we strive for excellence and are dedicated to offering the very best sustainable energy solutions. With the contribution of Purasol, Costa Rica will have a solar energy industry with an elaborate and efficient network of importation, distribution and professional installations. As we implement as many solar systems as possible and facilitate ways of financing, we envision a future where clean solar energy will be accessible to everyone.

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