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Conscious Breathing Group Session

Is an invitation for you to learn how to use breath to self-regulate and reach your highest potential. This class will help you gain a deeper understanding of your breath and a clear focused mind. The guided exercises are to inspire you to incorporate conscious breathing into your daily life. It will also prepare you safely to dive into more advanced breathwork such as Rebirthing and Holotropic. My practice is a blend of gentle and active breathing techniques, mindful movements and Qi Gong practices. I incorporate guided meditation, positive affirmations and personalized support. The session has a curated playlist and a few medicine songs that I sing.

Duration: 1h Exchange: from 8mil per person

Transformational Breathwork Ceremony

Transformational Breathwork Ceremony is a deep dive into your subconscious and allowing you to be your own healer through breath.

Clementine Casafina has been practicing breathwork since the age of 14y old. She studied over 20 Pranayama techniques, and 2 years ago she dived into more advanced breathing techniques such a Rebirthing and Holotropic.

Clementine has developed her own breathwork flow using elements of Rebirthing (softer breathwork approach), Holotropic (stronger rhythmic breathwork & shamanic music) and Retentions (holding the breath). After practicing for a while and learning continuously she could see the benefits in mixing soft and strong breathwork to help you find your own rhythm. Adding retentions bring huge health benefits such boosting your immune system and mitochondrial cells specifically. (References: Wim Hof + SOMA breath)

You do not need any previous experience in breathwork to do this session however the correct technique will help you to get the most out of it and practice will help.

This ceremony begins with a sharing circle and guided meditation to connect to ourselves and our intention of the day. You will be asked you to lie down on your back and Clementine will guide you into some relaxing breathing techniques before entering an hour of an connected circular breath that starts with inhaling into the belly, then the chest and then exhaling everything through the mouth. A curated mix of relaxing and activating music that fits the different stages of the breathwork will help you to dive deeper into the practice. Clementine uses positive affirmations, personalized support, body mapping techniques and sing medicine songs to deliver a unique, nurturing experience. Deep conscious connected breathing increases the blood flow and oxygen for a long period of time that helps you to connect with your subconscious and process blocked emotions and energy.

This technique may offer you a do-over of your entrance into the world, without the trauma or instability. We end our practice with integration time and close with a sharing circle.

Duration: 2h Exchange: from 20mil per person

Private Breathwork Session

I love offering personalised breathwork sessions with embodied integration. A consultation is required to create the ideal journey to suit my clients needs.

Together, we co-create their healing session with the following options: Pranayama Breathwork

  • Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Wim Hof Breathwork
  • Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Dance
  • Voice Activation
  • Art Therapy (Paint/ Draw)

Duration: 1h minimum Exchange: from 33mil

See my next events at Awake Uvita in the link below:

About Me

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About Clémentine

I was introduced to breathwork at the age of 14 in France where I grew up. I was seeing a sophrologist to help me with low self-esteem and confidence issues. It completely changed my life and when I turned 18, I moved to England by myself.

I embarked on a wonderful journey in healthcare helping children and adults with visual impairments as an Orthoptist. When Covid hit I was living in London and had a very settled life but could feel there was so much in me that I wanted to create.

It's been 2 years since I began running transformational retreats and training with multiple mentors in breathwork and reiki. I have also combined my passion for dancing and music into becoming an Ecstatic Dance DJ. For the last year, I have been taking dancers on a magic carpet ride all around Costa Rica while incorporating embodiment practices and breathwork into the dances.

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