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Artisan Private Chef

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Artisan Organic Products and Services offers a wide variety of home or event catered food items and options. Clients can customize their experience by selecting items from our custom menu including dietary restrictions and special accommodations.

Artisan Foods food delivery system prepares a meal plan to be delivered fresh to your door for consuming up to 7 days after delivery. Customers have the option of ordering 5, 6 or 7 meals of food items selected. Each meal consists of 2 portions each (suitable for 2 people). Please select from the order form below. Artisan Foods uses only organic locally grown and produced food ingredients delivered fresh to your door with heating and storing instructions.


"Simply put, Maria is a fantastic chef who enjoys bringing forth the wonders of natural cooking such to the extent that the absolute beauty of nature is evident on each and every plate"

-Jonathan Miller W
Ocean Forest Ecolodge

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Maria has been cooking professionally for 10 years, and has been cooking and selling food since she was 16. She has owned a natural cafe, worked as a private chef for retreat centers, and hired as a catering service throughout Costa Rica. Maria specializes in using local tropical organic fruits and local organic tropical spices for traditional Caribbean food, and traditional Costa Rican foods. She is also a co-founder of Feria Verde de Aranjuez in Costa Rica and currently runs and manages Artisan Foods CR.

Artisan Foods mission is to share the pleasure and love that we feel when we nourish our bodies with living food. We create for you products and catering experiences that delight your senses with nutritious, organic, living food. We use all organic local products from our own local community to create our food offerings. We promote holistic health & happiness for everyone while representing the sensitive, aware, and hard working Costa-Rican family.

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