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Kids Saving the Rainforest

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  • Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit organization based in Quepos, Costa Rica
  • We offer educational tours to the public of our wildlife sanctuary that is home to nearly 50 animals who cannot be released back into the wild
  • We operate a rescue center that rescues over 100 animals each year
  • Our primary goal is rehabilitating these animals to be released back into the wild
  • We help people learn about the dangers of human-wildlife interaction, the pet trade, and much more
  • We teach people how to respect wildlife and to engage in ecologically responsible tourism

About Us

Mission / Intention

The Mission of Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR), a nonprofit corporation under Section 501(c)3 US Federal Tax ID #06-1594980
is to protect the diverse wildlife of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast by rehabilitating wildlife, conducting original scientific research, training volunteers, and promoting conservation and reforestation.

Bio / Qualifications

Started by two 9 year old girls who saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and were inspired to save it!
Wildlife Rescue, Refuge and Reforestation Project


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