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Plant Nutrition Masterclass

Plant Nutrition Masterclass

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This course is designed for;

  • Health educators
  • Families dealing with speacial diets
  • Anyone looking to upgrade health and diet by adding plant nutrition


Attending this advanced plant nutrition masterclass with Wendy Crews will provide you with an arsenal of practical knowledge for health.


          Topics include;

  • Plant based nutrition for personal and environmental health
  • Enzymes/ Alkalinity/ Food Combining
  • Understand Circadium rythms, When and How to Eat, What to eat for gaining & losing weight
  • Pantry Stocking/ Kitchen Management Tools and Practices
  • Green drinks/ smoothies/ juicing/ Intermittent fasting / water fasting
  • How to make salt, sugar, oil and gluten free recipies


This 2 hour Zoom Masterclass with Q&A session will be presented live on a Sunday at 5pm

Includes PDF and recording, class size limited

Class will be scheduled when minimum number of seats sold, 

Register by sending $88 six days in advance of a date……….

And having had your orientation call, schedule your call at 506 8915 2461 or by email

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Wendy Crews has studied Plant Nutrition, eating philosophies and health wisdom for 4 decades and has a certificate in Natural Hygiene from The Transformation Institute. She believes vibrant health and happiness comes from correct living.

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