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Jungle Living Experience

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Join us for an inspiring, fun, educational, and immersive experience at our regenerative farm and developing ecovillage in Costa Rica!

VerdEnergia’s Jungle Living Experience (“JLE”) program runs nearly year-round and has been designed to complement our Internship program. JLE accommodates visitors whose schedules do not allow them to enroll in our internship program. Jump into an immersive educational path and engage in a meaningful way with the land and people of Costa Rica!

Like Interns, JLE participants learn while doing. Come explore a permaculture lifestyle through working collaboratively to support a thriving, farm-based community with us! Jump in on farm-to-table activities such as food processing, fermentation projects, and cooking community meals. Deepen your knowledge and connection with the land through growing and harvesting food, and share in the responsibilities of daily operations in the areas of hospitality and maintenance.

During your free time, relax in nature by going for a swim in our river, waterfall or spring-fed pool; walk jungle trails; enjoy a view of the scarlet macaw biological corridor from one of our beautiful vistas; do yoga or dance in our studio; make art; play music; or simply relax in a hammock with a good book from our farm library.

Program Initiatives

  • Gain experience living and working in a community setting
  • Develop team-building skills that are useful in a diverse range of situations
  • Increase self-motivation and accountability
  • Develop life skills (i.e. cooking, cleaning, gardening, food processing)
  • Gain skills in effective communication and interpersonal dynamics
  • Be in a place where you feel supported to explore your interests and share your ideas
  • Learn about ecology and regenerative farming practices


Jungle Living Experience Includes

  • Plant walks/harvest explorations of our diverse and developing farm & sister farms
  • Garden bed preparation and tending of crops
  • Plant and nursery propagation
  • Discussions on topics such as Sustainability and Ecological Impact
  • Farm-to-table food preparation (fermentation projects, cooking and cleaning up, food processing & preservation)
  • Building and maintenance learning opportunities

About Me

Bio / Qualifications

At VerdEnergia, interns and JLE participants alike experience the decision making process that farms, people, and communities go through to create and live holistically healthy lifestyles. This means that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing farm fresh and seasonal dishes to enjoy together! Learn to plan and prepare meals for groups from diverse ingredients grown and harvested on-site. Enjoy practicing yoga and mindfulness, outdoor physical work, and relaxation time in a beautiful jungle setting.

These experiences provide participants, especially those coming from a classroom setting, with invaluable hands-on and real-life practice. In addition to the cultivation and harvesting of food, JLE participants have the opportunity to gain a range of horticultural and homesteading skills such as plant identification, nursery management, and food preservation. Verde staff manages three local agroforestry projects in conjunction with Blacksheep, our sister company, with a focus on the production of crops such as turmeric, cacao and tropical hardwoods. Having access to these agricultural projects and the experienced staff implementing them is a huge advantage.

$900/mo | $30/day


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Puriscal, Mercedes - 500 meters west of the school in Lanas
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