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Tropical food forests farm tour Edible landscapes + Medicinals. Tropical soils, swales, storm watershed management, seed to seed, plants and propagation, cobb & bottle, composting toilets, worm farms and more.


As an ongoing series of topics, one can take one ata time for $40…or a series of days over a season
as a prepaid discounted price of $150. / 5 sessions over a season

1=Edible Landscaping discussing our regenerative food forestry systems, with emphasis in medicinal and tropical varieties,
we will discover the cornucopias of our collection of fruiting and tropical salad+ survivor foods and roots we have developed over our 7 years, and the harvesting and seed-saving process.- +our xhop n drop feeding, mulching and pruning schedules
to enhance fruiting capacity!
*This is a primary opportunity to obtain cuttings and seeds from our collection.

2= Tropical Soils/Hulgiculture Swales and Stormwater mgmt.
with an emphasis on erosion controls and guilds of succession plantings for your food forest, with various examples of replenishing damaged soils and establishing our site after a cow pasture.

3=Seed to Seed plants and propigations discussing the many stages of harvesting and germinating seed and increasing diversity in your garden guilds,+nitrogen fixers and soil building with compost and worms for food security, and the resources for nourishing your plants and keeping them from harm and insect controls.
+ an intro to the bio-dynamic callender.
*This is another opportunity to obtain seeds and cutting from our collection. we will also make up “seedballs” 0f pollinator and survivor foods for you to take home, and we have some premade for larger plantings available for purchase @3mil/doz.

4-#iriecycles cobb & bottle designs we learn how to mix your mud and apply to a structure with an ornamental design of recycled bottles and other goodies to finish our kitchen corner enclosure with burtterflies and a ribbon rainbow of old lighters, we will also later be discussing finish color and plasters and their various applications and uses!

5- #irieicycles Composting toilet +Worm Farm we learn how to compost your dry toilet effectively and efficiently with our #iriecycles barrel designs and then into a worm farm for further security beyond the pathogens and parasites that pass if you don’t do it right!!

We offer the *Vital Ital Tropical Salad” harvest lunch
as an added $10. lunch option to each days workshop
from 12 ish to 1 ish. we would harvest and perpare together
from *seasonal produce available for a Farm to Table experience!
*there is also a river to enjoy before the optional afternoon
of hands on experiences available.
Please bring appropriate shoes, clothing, hat, notebook, and enjoy our hands on opportunities in the afternoon.
***I do well with whats app texting,
as my hands are usually dirty in one direction or another,
i Will respond Promptly!
+++looking forwarrd to playing in the dirt with you!

Although we do not have housing facilities here, we are situated above river to the the #FuenteVerde village below, where ecomaste has rooms by reservations only a short walk to our site, where WE ARE located at THE ENTRYWAY ABOVE FuenteVerde.
2nd driveway to the right after the roadside sign,
with chainlink gates +sign “Abundant Eden Nursery”

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i call myself a permaculture pilgrim, in due respects for the many miles i have walked as a pioneer with seeds to share with the many farms of central america

$40 a day


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Fuente Verde - Las Tumbas de Baru
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