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Vyola Myst

I offer my gift of connection with the Divine and healing with my channeled music. Love is all there is - let's share the vibration.


There are five major influences in my 59 years of life that have led me to become a sound healer and connector of divine energy and love.
I’m a scientist turned metaphysicist. My father was a doctor. I got a Ph.D. in Chemistry because I was always interested in what life was made of. I didn't like working with chemicals, and I ended up being a technical writer and started my own business that supported me as a single mother. I was intrigued by quantum physics and how we experience reality. I learned to meditate in my 20s and studied the healing arts and the science of consciousness. My current husband Julio and I became Avatar Wizards in 2008. Knowing that everything is vibration wasn't enough. I now experience everything as vibration, and my music and resonant vocals deepen that experience.
Music has always been my medicine. I was classically trained as a violist since 4th grade, and I have performed in many orchestras and chamber groups. As a meditator I started playing in kirtans, and when I learned distant Reiki and became a Reiki master in my 30s everyone would tell me there was a special energy in my music and that it was very healing. I heard about sound healing in 2000 as I was going through a divorce. My journey introduced me to study sound healing experientially and intuitively with master sound healers, and I co-founded the international Sound Healing Network in 2002.
My son Jason inspired me in life and after his death at the age of 17 in 2009. He was a very talented artist and musician. He used to sample sounds from my Viola and sound healing instruments and make creative music and soundscapes; he made several CDs before 17 yrs old ( Losing my beautiful son was difficult beyond words, and it was also my most profound spiritual experience. He proved to me that we are beings of energy that don't really die but transform. He is my main music guide, and he continues to assist me to deepen my connection with music. I wrote an e-book Messages from Jason from a blog that is on my website
I am first generation American, now living in Costa Rica. My parents came from Argentina after they were married so that my father could do his internship and residency in cardiology in the U.S. They ended up staying and having 4 children. I was born in 1958. For most of my life I didn't feel like I fit into the American culture, so I was always open to learning about all cultures and music from all cultures. The Spanish language was music to my ears, and I am happy that I have relearned and improved my childhood language as a resident of Costa Rica.
Mental illness in my family taught me how to take care of my emotional and energetic bodies as well as my physical and mental bodies. Taking care of my depressed and anxious mom since childhood made it clear that I came to this earth to be a healer and angel for others. Fortunately my influence and my mom's fortitude has helped her to become a happy person and at age 88 she is grateful every day for her life. I am grateful to have her and her longevity genes.


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