About RegeneraVida
and Upward Spirals

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to RegeneraVida, the powerful multifunction platform we’ve been building towards since we started growing Upward Spirals 8 years ago. It’s taken thousands of late nights, but we at last have integrated all the pieces needed to offer this empowering resource for people wanting to live more sustainable and regenerative lives.

For people familiar with our previous community and sustainability projects, a lot of components will be familiar. We’ve combined and upgraded our previous programs, weaving in the best of what we built into the Organic Directory, the Learning Calendar, Community Days, the Sustainable Living Expedition, and the nearly complete Wellness and Educators directory.

Starting with the country’s largest list of sources for organic food from the Organic Directory, we’ve added a range of features that make it even easier to connect with our local farmers. The new platform lets producers have their own listing pages, where they can offer detailed products lists, pictures, delivery radius, and easily connect with customers. Customers can easily find the closest options through the integrated map, and can use the platform’s private messaging feature to talk directly to the farmers. The platform is easy to use in both English and Spanish, and makes it easier for people with different preferred languages to work together.

And where the original Organic Directory focused just on farmers, markets, stores, restaurants, and support organizations, now we’ve added educators, wellness facilitators, intentional communities, artists, craftspeople, delivery services, environmental regeneration projects, families/kids activities, community organizations, and more throughout Costa Rica.

Anyone familiar with the Regenerative Library will be excited to know that this world’s largest resource of tens of thousands of ideas for living and working more sustainably and regeneratively will also be available through the platform. Fans of the Sustainable Living Expedition will love the thousands of pages of content and presentations we’ve written to support families and businesses on their transition to sustainability.

Users of the Learning Calendar will appreciate seeing the country-wide wellness and sustainability education events from over 140 event producers, now adding the ability for anyone to add their event or weekly offerings to the platform, so that we can all easily see when and where we can find the events we’re most passionate about. If you’re tired of looking in a dozen Facebook pages and scrolling miles of Telegram groups to find out what’s going on, you’re going to love how easy we’ve made it to both list and find events, searchable and fully integrated with the platform’s map and messaging features.

And since living a more collaborative and regenerative life isn’t just about having access to information, we’ve built powerful social features that mimic but improve on Facebook, without the censorship or profit motive. Not just organic providers and event producers can create listing pages, everyone who wants can create a personal profile, and use the platform to stay connected to their friends and interest groups. You can join or create discussion groups, ask questions or manage projects in the forums, share documents publicly or privately, review the activity feed since your last visit, and use the private messaging features to connect with providers, or anyone else in the community.

And free is a slight understatement; we’ve invested years of our lives into building this for everyone, and have the same nonprofit commitment to supporting sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles that motivated us from the beginning. Much like we used our broad networks in Costa Rica to have the Organic Directory downloaded by tens of thousands of users, and our digital marketing skills to promote almost a thousand events for free through the Learning Calendar, and connected with many of you to co-produce over a dozen free gift economy events, now we’ll channel all those resources, connections, and abilities into supporting everyone on the platform. From bringing more customers for local farmers, to increasing attendance at transformational education events, to supporting the events and projects that make us all a more regenerative community, we devote our fierce peacefulness to the co-creation of a more sustainable and regenerative local economy, for the benefit of all life.

If you have information you would like to see shared on the platform, from providers to projects to resources from any of the categories above, we’d love to hear from you! Please send any contributions of information and high-fives to Solutions@UpwardSpirals.Net.

RegeneraVida is the most potent step we could envision enroute to creating a more sustainable and regenerative society and economy. To learn more about Upward Spirals vision and programs, check out our What We Do page.

Be Well!
– HappE & Eric